Monday, September 6, 2010

Snow Dreaming ♥

Supplies Needed

Tube or Image of choiceI am using the artwork of Keith Garvey
 you can purchase at MPT
Scrapkit of choice, i am using a great kit called Lilsnowman by Puddicat Creations,
you can find at Scrappetizing.
Font: Renaissance
Drop Shadow of choice.
Mask_248 by Weescotslass
Animation Shop
Snow effect Here
Remember to Save Often!!!
Let's begin

Open new image 600 x 600.
New layer select all copy paste paper 11 into selection-deselect. Apply mask.
Select pdc_tree2 copy paste resize 75 percent.
Select pdc_doodle 3 copy paste below tree layer then resize 65 percent,
 I did not add a drop shadow to this.
Duplicate-Mirror, move till your happy with placement.
Select pdc_bench copy paste mirror then resize 56 percent place on right of layer.
Select pdc_present 1 n 3,copy paste resize to fit on bench.
Select pdc_candycane 2 copy paste resize by 43 percent place on bench between presents.
Select pdc_lamppost1 copy paste place on left side of tree.
Select pdc-element 10 copy paste resize 48 percent place in front of tree.
Select pdc_element 2 copy paste resize 45 percent place on right side, see tag.
Add your tube of choice.
Give all except your Mask and Doodle a light Drop Shadow.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop and save or continue for Animation.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Open Animation Shop
In psp X-out your tube Edit-Copy Special -Copy Merged.
In AS right click paste as new animation.
Hit Ctrl + L 3 times, giving you 4 frames.
Open your snow effort select all Edit copy paste into frame 6 times to fill layer.
Back in Psp select your tube copy paste in AS as new animation then

Edit copy Edit-Paste - Into selected frame (1st frame) position your tube.
Save as a Gif and your done.

This tutorial was written by Maree (aka Falcon) on 3 September 2010
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental
© Maree

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  1. Wow hun beautiful tag I so love it thank you so much for making me my tag and thanks so much for using my kit too.
    Hugs Cindy