Friday, November 25, 2011

Snow Angel ♥

My Tutorials are strictly my own creations,
if they resemble another it is purely coincidense.
This was written with the use of PSP X2.
You may create it any version of PSP.

Supplies Needed.

Scrap Frosty Holiday by Freeks Creations .
You can purchase it at Scrappin Dollars.

Font:Of choice

Mask by Dee's Depot Design mask_20 Here.

Template by Caroline Temp No 5 at Creative Misfits.

Open your template and delete the © layer.

Click rectangle layer Select All - Float - Defloat. C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_p7 .
Selections - Invert - hit Delete. Then delete original layer.
Repeat for the other layers.I used the following or select your own choice of papers:
Circle Large - FC_FH_PU_TS_p2
Circle Medium -FC_FH_PU_TS_p6
Circle Small - FC_FH_PU_TS_p4

Select wordart back Adjust-Hue & Saturation change to H 134 S 135.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_el 0 above large circle layer resize to fit, add drop shadow.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_e33 above Pixel words layer reisze 35% arrange on left
add drop shadow.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_e8 above Medium circle layer resize to fit add drop shadow.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_el3 above small circle layer resize to fit add drop shadow.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_e27 resize 50% arrange on left of layer add drop shadow.
C/P FC_FH_PU_TS_e37 resize 45% arrange add drop shadow.
Add your tube now resize then arrange add drop shadow.
New layer select all C/P FC_FH_PU_p5 apply mask merge merge group.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Written and copyrighted to Maree (aka Falcon) November 2011.
Under no uncertain terms are you allowed to make money
from anything produced from this tut, this is against my TOU's.

Here is Priscie creation. Thank you for tying my tut♥

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