Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Emo School Days ♥

My Tutorials are strictly my own creations, if they resemble another it is purely coincidence. This was wiriten with the use of PSP X3. You may create it any version of PSP.

Supplies Needed.

Scrap kit Emo Back To School from Designs by Joan.You can get Here.

Art work I am using from Aivelin,remember to purchase a license to use this art work, You can do so at Pics For Design Here


Mask: by Dee's Design Depot DD_Mask27 Here.

Open new Image 700 X 700 its better to have larger to work worth. We can crop and resize when completed. C/P = copy paste

C/P Frame 2 click inside with Magic wand.Selections/Modify/expand by 5.
C/P Paper 4 position I resized paper by 65%. Selections/Invert/hit Delete,
move below frame layer.Give your Frame a Drop shadow.
C/P under frame layer a closeup of your tube position, then hit delete.
In Blend Mode select-Luminacy (L).
C/P Back(small bag) place on left of frame, add drop shadow.
C/P Sad teddy position resize 65%, add drop shadow.
C/P Book position in center of frame resize 42%. Image/FreeRotate 35 Left.
Add drop shadow.
C/P Image 19 (pencil) resize 45% position on book.Image/FreeRotate 35 Right.
Add drop shadow.
C/P Cute-girl resize 85% position on left of frame, add drop shadow.
C/P above background layer StarSpiral, position above frame on right.
Right click on layer/Duplicate.Image/Mirror.
C/P Paper 3 above background layer.Apply mask/merge/merge group.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop and save.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Written and copyrighted to Maree (aka Falcon) 2011.
Under no uncertain terms are you allowed to make money
from anything produced from this tut, this is against my TOU's.

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