Saturday, January 29, 2011

Berry Juicy ♥

Tube of Choice
Scrap kit Naught Bears- PTU by Reece's Scrap Pieces,
you can purchase from Here.
Font: Al Serenade
Drop Shadow of choice.
HorsePlay Pastures mask_31 Here
Remember to Save Often!!!

Let's create
Open 600 x 600 flood fill with #ffffff.
Open new layer selections/select all, paste RSP_Naught Bears_paper3,
into selection. Deselect, then apply mask/merge/merge group.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_bead frame resize 25%
Open RSP_Naught Bears_heart 3 resize 27% move to left of layer.
Apply these settings to heart.

Open RSP_Naught Bears_wordart2 resize 22% move to center of heart.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_bow3 resize 23% move to top of heart, see tag.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_tree2 resize 54% move to right of layer.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_teddy bear resize 19% move to left of frame.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_Bear Grope resize 25% move to center of frame.
Open RSP_Naught Bears_flower and flower 2 resize both 9% move to right of frame.
Give all a light Drop Shadow.
Open Animation Shop.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop and save.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

1. On mask layer Image/FreeRotate 25 Right.
2. Edit Copy Special/Copy Merged.
3. Paste as New Animation in AS.
4. Click into Psp repeat No 1 & 2, 3 times, Pasting after current frame.
You now should have 4 frames.
5.Click Animation /Frame Properties change to 25.
6.Save as a Gif.

If you wish to email me your creation, I then can show off your wonderful creations.
Thank you for using my tutorial.

Written by Maree (aka Falcon) on 28 January 2011
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental
© Maree(aka Falcon)

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