Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Forever Love ♥

Supplies needed
Tube of choice I used Ismael Rac you can find him Here
Scrap kit of choice I used Happy Valentine Here
Font of choice

Let's begin
Lets get stared. Open a new cancas 600 X 600. Select frame 2 Copy / Paste as new layer
 resize by 50% add a drop shadow.
With Magic Wand click inside the frem then Selections ?Modify / Expand by 4.
Select paper 2 resize 50%, Copy /Paste. Selections / Invert / Delete / Select None.
 Place under frame and give light drop shadow.
Select Doodle 1 Resize / Duplicate / Image / Mirror.
Duplicate this layer then Layers / Merge / Merge down.
Duplicate the Doodle layer 3 times.Rename them D1,D2,D3.
Click on D1 Adjust/ Adjust/remove noise/Add noise with these settings.

Click on D2 layer and Add Noise / increase to 35. Do the same
with D3 layer and increase Noise to 40.
Open Bow 2, flowers 3, & 4 resize to your liking and copy / paste check my tag for
 placement add a drop shadow. Add your © info & name.

How to Animate Tag.
Open Animation Shop. Click back to PSP X2
Close the D2,D3 layers, click back onto D1.
Edit / Copy Special /Copy Merge. Click on Animation Shop then right click
and paste as a New Animation..
Then click back in PSP Close Out D1 Open D2 making sure you have highlighted it.
Edit / Copy Special / Copy Merged Click back to AS Edit / Paste - After Current Frame.
Back to PSP close out D2 the click on D3 open, Edit /Copy Special / Copy Merged.
Click on frame 2 in AS then Edit / Paste - After current frame.
Then Edit/ Select All Click on View / View Animation. To resize your tag Click Animation / Resize Animation by 75%. Save as a Gif.
Thank you for trying my tutorial, hope you enjoyed it.

This was written by Maree (aka Falcon) on 11 February 2009
 similarity to this tutorial is purely coincidental.

Please do not copy or claim as your own.

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