Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Past ♥

My Tutorials are strictly my own creations,
if they resemble another it is purely coincidence.
This was written with the use of PSP X2.
You may create it any version of PSP.
Supplies Needed.

Scrap A Country Christmas by Jen -SleeknSassy Designz .
You can find it at Scrappindollars.

Art work by ©Zindy Nielsen . Remember to purchase a license to use this art work.
You can purchase tube from Here .

Font:Of Choice or the one I used 2Peas Winter Essentials

Mask by Bev -HorsePlays Pastures HPP_3 Here

Animation Shop

Snow Here

Image is better to have larger to work with then we can crop and resize when completed.

Open 750 X 650 transparent Image.

Set your foreground to #0000ff and Background to #ffffff

Open Preset Shape-Ellispe using these setting:

Draw out a large oval shape.Convert to raster.

Using your Magic wand click on the dark outside of oval.Add drop shadow.
Effects-Xfeno-Constellation with these settings:

Select your white section with magic wand-hit delete.New layer
Open MCC_Paper10 copy and paste into selection on new layer.
Open your closeup tube copy paste on new layer.
Arrange to your liking Selections Invert hit delete.Deselect.
Open MCC_Element57 copy paste as new layer, arrange on right of layer.
Add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element91 copy paste as new layer, resize 65% arrange on layer
add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element31 copy paste as new layer resize 75% arrange on right of layer
add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element34 copy paste as new layer resize 40% arrange near center of layer
add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element99 copy paste as new layer resize 35% arrange on elem34 add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element44 copy paste as new layer resize 75% arrange at top of layer
add drop shadow.
Open MCC_Element28 copy paste as new layer resize 85% arrange near top of oval.
Image Mirror Add drop shadow.
New layer select all
Open MCC_Paper5 copy and paste into selection. Appl mask merge merge group.

Add your Artist © above tree layer.
Add your name. I used FG#ffffff BG#9bb7cf.

Effects - Inner Bevel
Bevel 2 Width 8
Smooth35 Depth 5
Ambience2 Shiness 37
Angle 315
Intensity 30
Elevation 53
Click Ok
then add drop shadow.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.


Open Animation Shop click the Propagate button then click back into Psp.

Close out all layers above © info layer.Edit Copy specail Copy Merged.

Click into AS right click and paste as New Animation.
Hold down Ctrl and hit L nine times.
You now will have 10 frames.If you are using a smaller Snow animation
adjust the frames to suite.

Open your snow animation Select All (Ctrl+A)
copy click on your backbround 1st frame.
Edit Paste Into Selected frame position where you want then let go of button.
Repeat as you need.

Click back to Psps closeout all the open layers then open the other layers above your © layer.
Edit copy special copy Merged click into AS paste as new animation.
Edit Paste into Selected frame position then let button go.

Remeber the Undo button is your friend just click it if not happy
with placement click undo and redo.

When you are happy save as a Gif.

Written and copyrighted to Maree (aka Falcon) 2011.

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