Friday, April 8, 2011

Bite Me!! ♥

Supplies Needed

I'm using the artwork of ©Ismael Rac , you can purchase tubes Here
Scrap kit by Alika's Scraps called Bite Me Here
Font:Of Choice
Drop Shadow of choice.
HorsePlays Pastures mask_10 & 13 Here
Template_30 by Amy & Leah's Gimtastic Here

Remember to Save Often!!!

Let's create

Open template and delete © layer.
Click on rect 2 layer/Selections/Float/Defloat/newlayer paste aspaper19/
Selections/Invert/delect/ then delete original layer.
Repeat for circle 2,3 layers, rect 1 and thin rect layers using paper of your choice
or the ones I used.
Select Star1 layer Selections/Float/Defloat/new layer/paste your closeup tube/Delete.
Change Blend Mode to Luminance (legacy).
Click on Cirlce 3 layer Adust/AddNoise/Guassian 50, repeat on Circle 2 layer.
Click on circle 1 layer paste as24 resize 45%, move to bottome of circle.
Open as14 resize 22% palace on bow.
I add these elements as19,as38,as40 and as53 resize and place
or add your own choice.
Open as17 paste above streaks layer.
Open as22 paste above above background layer, move to top of layer
Open as35 paste above background layer/duplicate/Image/Mirror/Flip.
New layer open aspaper02 apply mask 13/merge/merge group.
New layer open aspaper17 apply mask 10/merge/merge group.
Give all a Drop Shadow 1/1/50/4.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop and save.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Email me your creation, so I can show off your creations on my blog.
Thank you for using my tutorial.

Written by © Maree (aka Falcon) on 7th April 2011
Any similarities to this tutorial are purely coincidental.

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