Thursday, October 14, 2010

Autumn Fantasy ♥

Supplies Needed
Tube of choice.
Scrap kit Autumn Fantasy  by Crystals Creations  you can find it here .
Mask_330 by Vix
Animations Shop
Drop Shadow of Choice
Remember to save often!!!

Let's Begin

Open new image 650 x 650.Fill with white.
New layer copy paste Paper 17 into selection-deselect apply mask merge layers.Duplicate.
Select frame 2 center on layer using Magic Wand click inside all 3 frames
,hold down shift key whislt clicking in each frame,
Select Paper 14 copy paste Selections - Invert - hit Delete, move below frame layer.
Click in 1 st frame with Magic wand then select an element copy paste, new layer then paste into selection-deselect move below frame layer.
Repeat this with the next 2 frames I used elements, pumpkin, mushroom 1, squirrel.
Move them below frame layer.
Select Spray element copy paste then Image - Free Rotate - 90 degrees right, duplicate - flip,
move below frame
Select butterfly 2 copy paste resize by 35 percent duplicate, see tag for placement.
Select wordart Autumn copy paste move to bottom of layer, see tag.

Add your Artist © and your name.If you dont wish to Animate the tag then crop save as png.
This is only a guide feel  free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Open Animation Shop. 
Click back to Psp,click on wordart layer 
Adjust Add/RemoveNoise with these settings:

click ok.
Copy copy merged, Click in AS and paste as New Animation.
repeat above  twice more and each time  increase the setting to 40 then 45
.Pasting after current frame.
Save as a Gif and your done.

Thank you for trying my tutorial. I would love to see your results.
This tutorial was written by Maree (akaFalcon)on 15 October 2010.
Any similarities to this turtorial are purely  coincidental.

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