Friday, January 6, 2012

Lost In You ♥

My Tutorials are strictly my own creations,
if they resemble another it is purely coincidence.
This was written with the use of PSP X2.
You may create it any version of PSP.

Supplies Needed.

Scrap Jonathon Eark Bowser Package 1 by Cathy-Lady Hawwk Designs
You can purchase it at CDO.

I'm using the artwork of ©Jonathon Earl Bowser Currently available at CDO

Font of choice or the one I am using Wankstaberg Battle

Mask by Vybas DBV_111 Here.

Template by Dee's Lost In Love you can find it Here .

Open template then delete the © layer.
Click on Blue Square layer Selections Select All Float Defloat.
Open your tube of choice copy paste as new layer then align in frame.
Selections Invert tap delete twice.
Repeat this for the other two squares.Give all a light drop shadow.
Click on Purple layer Selections Select all Float Defloat.Open your closeup tube
or backgroundtube copy paste into selection.
Image Mirror then change Blend Mode to Luminacy (L).
and reduce Opacity to 53.

Repeat for these layers I used these papers or one of your choice.

large black strip -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper6
blue rectangle left -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper4
blue rectangle right -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper4
purple strip -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper4
white strip -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper6
shinny black strip -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper5
blue strip -LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper4
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele8 copy paste as new layer resize 80%
arrange above bluestrip layer.Add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele4 copy paste as new layer
arrange on layer Adjust Sharpen.
Open your main tube copy paste as new layer below music overlay layer.
Image Mirror add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele48 copy paste as new layer above music layer.
Resize 85% add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele46 copy paste as new layer resize 43%
arrange on right add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele47 copy paste as new layer resize 35%
arrange at bottom add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele49 copy paste as new layer resize 35%
arrange at bottom of hourglass duplicate arrange add drop shadow.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele51 copy paste as new layer above
tube layer resize 90%.
Open LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-ele45 copy paste as new layer
arrange at bottom ImageFreeRotate 35 Left. Add drop shadow.

Select the Group bg layer selections select all copy paste
LHDScraps_Bowswer-Package1-paper10paste into selection.
Deselect then apply mask merge merge group.

Add your Artist © and your name then crop.
This is only a guide and feel free to use any other element you wish.
Most of all have fun creating.

Written and copyrighted to Maree (aka Falcon) 2012.

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